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INCREA in the journal of 184/2016 of Civil Engineering

The article "Quays for Cruise Ships: The Experience of Botafoc (Ibiza, Spain) and the Challenge of the Wind” has been published in the journal Ingeniería Civil, number 184/2016.  The article, which has been written by Eloy Pita, Antoni Ginard (of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands) and Víctor Martínez Pés, analyses the unique features of cruise vessels berths, whose large exposed areas result in large forces due to wind that are transferred...

INCREA at the 13th ATPYC Young Professional Conference

INCREA was present at the 13th ATPYC Young Professional Conference which was held this year in Seville from 2nd to 3rd June. Eloy Pita, Managing Director of INCREA, successfully offered the conference “Structural design of large-volume concrete elements: crown walls and capping beams”.  

The largest desalination plant in the world is in full operation.

The largest and most advanced reverse osmosis desalination plant in the world, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is in full operation. The plant is capable of producing 624,000 m3/day of drinking water. INCREA was responsible for designing the underwater pipelines after the jacked tunnel outlet, defining the pipes all the way to the intake tower and diffuser, both inclusive.


Increa will be present as a sponsor and speaker at the 13th ATPYC Young Professionals Conference (Ports and Coast Technical Association) which will take place in the city of Seville on 2-3 June 2016.