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The Botafoc Quay Gangways Being Operating. 29/11/2013

The Botafoc Quay Gangways Being Operating The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) began operating the Botafoc quay embarkation gangways on Friday, 8 November as part of an effort to equip the Eivissa port with greater quality service, safety and convenience for shipping lines and passengers. These gangways were taken into consideration when designing the Expansion Quays at the Port of Ibiza in Botafoc, the engineering of which was completed by INCREA.The loads transferred were very high...

The APB Awards the Botafoch Dolphin Project to INCREA 12/11/2013

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has awarded INCREA the technical assistance contract to draft the construction project “Extension of the First Mooring Line for Large Ships at the Commercial Quays under the Botafoch”. Faced with a growing demand from long cruise ships, the length of the existing jetties under the Botafoch breakwater is not enough for ships with a length of between 220 and 340 m.  After this new project is drafted, one of the two existing...

Koudiet Combined Cycle Power Station Now Operating 11/11/2013

Iberdrola Ingeniería has begun operating the 1200 megawatt Koudiet combined cycle power station in Algeria. http://infocivil.es/iberdrola-ingenieria-pone-en-marcha-la-central-de-ciclo-combinado-de-koudiet/INCREA was the company responsible for the marine works engineering both in the calls for tender phase as well as the construction project phase in addition to providing onsite support throughout the execution. It is comprised of 4 HDPE pipelines with an inside diameter of 2400 mm and 450 m long.

Presentation by Pablo Pita at the X ATPYC YOUNG PROFESSIONALS CONFERENCE 22/10/2013

Pablo Pita, a member of INCREA, presented a paper at the X ATPYC Young Professionals Conference on Friday, 4 October. The paper discussed the “Unique Characteristics of Sinking the Drinking Water Underwater Pipeline in Morrazo, Vigo”, a project which was recently completed by INCREA and featured significant special characteristics which made the entire construction process difficult.You may click on the following link to see the presentation used to support the paper. http://www.